Who are we

We are an animation studio
based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

We specialise in 3D and compositing

This quote is central to what we do. EVERY film has to have story. The story starts with a character. The character has an objective. To achieve this objective it performs an action

(this is the bit that we animate.)

This could be a conflict with the environment, a moral dilemma or a physical confict, but there needs to be a reason why your character cannot achieve its objective.


Digital Animation

We can produce characters to suit your application or build 3D characters/objects according to your sketches/specification.

The exception to the last rule is music videos. These work by the synergy created between the co-ordination of music and pictures and do not to need tell a story. They still involve movement but their rules are to follow the meter and rhythm (in some places it's called 'dancing')

Motion Capture

As we've mentioned previously, movement is important. We have a complete motion capture system which allows us to transfer real movement to the characters we create.


A character by default, moves in its own 3D environment. However, it can be composited with 'Real World' footage and, by using chromakey technology and After Effects, we can place footage of real people/objects within 3D space.

Where to see our 3D animated films


What's happening now with our digial animation and the latest 3D characters

Firstly, the 'music video' has been submitted for a quite a few International Film Festivals

Secondly, I'm working on a load of details to give information on how 'No Surrender' was made (see above)

Last but not least, we are working on a short to accompany a narration of the poem "I had a hippotamus' by Patrick Barrington. It should be finished this year (here are some of the early images), so watch this space.


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