This year we are holding a competition to find a story that we can use to produce a whole short film ENTIRELY made in Bloemfontein

You can get.

if you win.

You can enter/submit by clicking here

or ask questions using the form at the bottom

Below is an outline of what is and needed some pointers on things that might help your chances

We’re looking for a short story to use to make an animated short film here in Bloemfontein. It can be a tragedy, comedy, romance, suspense or even horror, nearly anything… but it should not be purely a children’s story.

You can supply it in a story format or like a play because it will finally be converted to a screenplay . The finished story will used to FEED a short film between 5 to 10 minutes long.

The successful story will win

and ALL the publicity we can muster

(T's+C's apply)

Entries can be made until 31st August 2018 and the final descision will be made by the 1st October

Does it have to be any particular genre..?

Not at all. Comedy is a very widely understood and accepted form for animation, but there are some bizzare horror films that become popular because they break the norm.

How long does it have to be..?

That's a tricky one... long descriptions of surface or objects sometimes translate very quickly. Remember that if it's in a standard written format it still has to be converted to a usable format called a screenplay. This screenplay version needs to be at least five minutes, with a maximum of ten.

How many characters can the story have..?

As many as you need really but remember, if a character has to be shot at close, that is another character that needs modelling.

DO NOT require a characteer to reference a SPECIFIC piece of music

There starts to be all kind of issues about authorisation/plaugurism so it's easier to steer a clear path.

What will you be doing about the voices

We will have to record the voices according to the story, so there will definately be a voice part somewhere if you want one. (you have to win it first...)

Will I be listed on the credits at the end..?

But of course.. it will feature VERY prominently...

If you have any questions, please ask here

Good luck...

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